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Thoughts on Deer Hunting at a public state park in Bucks County, PA

November 29, 2012 7 comments

Deer in Tyler Park

The name of our county is Bucks, in Pennsylvania.

I looked up the information on how the county got it’s name, and was surprised that it didn’t have anything to do with Deer.   The answer was posted here

“It was named by William Penn in 1682 after Buckinghamshire, England, the county where he lived and his family originated from. Bucks is the abbreviation for Buckinghamshire, and both names are used interchangeably in England. Penn’s home, Pennsbury Manor, is located within Bucks County.

Source :-”

I have always loved deer.  It was very hard for me living in Wisconsin this time of year, when people had deer that they had killed tied on their cars and trucks.

I do understand and respect people that need to hunt to eat.  My husband has relatives in the northern area of Wisconsin that feed their family in the winter from their hunting.

When I was in high school, I wrote poetry about the deer hunting in the wooded lands near our house.  Deer are just so beautiful and innocent.

I think that the State of Pennsylvania should look at humane alternatives to hunting.  The deer should be protected, not slaughtered in a park!  That reminds me of shooting fish in a barrel!!

This is the newspaper article on the hunt for this year.

Here is a petition and information on the yearly protest at Tyler State Park for the December Deer Hunt:

Hello, We need signatures and voices.
Please join our plea to save lives.

Please sign the petition below and crosspost, comments welcome.

Annual Deer Hunt @ Tyler State Park
December 5th 2012
Newtown, PA

Will you be there to protest the massacre?
How many more must die?
Be a friend, tell a friend.

Barbara Pearl, M.A.
Bucks County Pennsylvania
If you can help, get involved, please call:

“Peace begins with your plate-Go Vegan”

This is a good post from Peta about deer hunting:

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Missing Dad in Bucks County, PA – Newtown area near Tyler State Park – help if you can

October 6, 2012 12 comments

Help this young woman find her Dad – missing in Newtown, PA – Bucks County

I met her at Tyler State Park today, in Newtown, PA.  They think that her Dad had a small stroke, and he is confused and does not know who he is or where he belongs.

He was seen in the park yesterday, but the people that saw him did not know that he was missing.

The whole family is helping to search for him.  They are doing a great job, and need your help if you are in this local area.

This is the daughter of Michael Naylon.  He is missing in the Newtown, PA area.  His family is very worried.

If you find him call 215-954-9176 or call the police at 911.

Michael Naylon is 65 years old, approx 5’9″, about 170 pounds.  He has gray hair and brown eyes.

Thank you for any help.

We pray that he is found soon!



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Fall, Autumn, Beauty in the New Season!

October 2, 2012 16 comments


Delicious autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.  ~George Eliot

We live in the northeastern section of the US, so this time of year is Autumn for us in the “traditional” sense.

This is a video that I took last year at the Delaware Canal State Park in Yardley, Bucks County PA.

Our leaves change color (most years just amazing colors).

The temperatures shift colder.

The days get shorter.

People start celebrating Halloween and the spooky, scary shows and movies come out.

Kids are back in school.

Fashion changes to wools, sweats, and sweaters.

People are more awake and alert than they are in the summer.

The squirrels are busy building up their stores for winter!

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We consider a day that we see wild deer, a really good day!

September 19, 2012 2 comments


We love animals, and have always enjoyed finding gentle deer families on out trips in the country or to a park.


We had a wonderful afternoon at Core Creek Park in Langhorne, PA.  It is one of our favorite ways to spend an afternoon with our dog, Buddy.

A video that I made of our still photos

Pink clouds before sunset!

Waiting in the car a few minutes with Buddy


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Walking along the river in Philly! Schuylkill Banks River Walk

July 8, 2012 4 comments

We took the train downtown and then walked from the Philadelphia Museum of Art to the 30th Street Station through this park.  It was lovely.   There were plenty of places to stop and rest.  Took a long time for me, but I was really happy to have the experience.

The only problem I had with my walker was getting up the steps to cross the bridge to the station.  Bruce had ro fold up the walker and carry it up the steps.  I took a lot of rests and made it up the stairs.  I don’t know what someone would do that couldn’t walk up stairs at all!!

This video is all along the trail!  We didn’t take it, but are sharing it with you from youtube.


This great park was recently created along the banks of the river.

From the website


Enjoy the great outdoors in the heart of the city on Schuylkill Banks!

Schuylkill Banks is a short walk or ride away from many Philadelphia neighborhoods. The riverfront trail and greenway is an ideal spot for a wide variety of active and passive recreation. Take advantage of 1.2 miles of trail connecting to Kelly Drive and an additional 3300 feet of trail at Grays Ferry Crescent for your walk, run, skate or bike ride. Riverside lawns are a great spot for picnicking, lounging in the sun, or playing a game of catch. Easy access to the river is perfect for urban anglers and kayakers. Be inspired by views of the river, bridges, greenery and city skyline while you paint, take photos or write on the Banks.

Beautiful beagle that we met in the park with her Mom.  I believe her name was “Lucy”.

Parents with their goslings.  The photos were taken June 4, 2012.  They are much bigger now!

Highly recommend a visit to the park and the river.  Clean, and it felt pretty safe.  People we met were friendly.  You have to watch out for the bikers and runners – they are very serious!

The people we met said that they felt safe even walking after dark, but I think that is a good idea.

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Happy 4th of July, with fireworks this year??



It is so hot around the country that many places have cancelled their Fireworks for today!

Check out this interesting article on the history of Fireworks and why we use them to celebrate the 4th of July. The practice was mentioned by John Adams in 1776 as the way we should celebrate!

People might participate in parades, festivals, picnics, barbeques, and other family and community celebrations.

photo – CBS News

We live in the Philadelphia area.  We are right in the middle of wonderful historic places, museums, parks, and historical research.

Lots of great info at the National Park website

This day commemorates the independence of the newly born United States of America. As an American, we need to honor those who sacrificed in our history for our freedom, as well as those who continue to sacrifice with their time, their health, and sometimes their lives today.

Remember the military families, police, fire, and rescue workers as often as you can! Be part of activities, events, and fund raisers for their safety and the support of their families.

Thank God for our government and the difficult decisions that they have to make at times to keep us safe.

Happy Independence Day!

Bruce and Sally K Witt
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June makes me think of ROSES!!

June 20, 2012 14 comments

We often visit the grounds at Swarthmore College near Philadelphia.

The trees and gardens are so beautiful, and freely open to the public.  We have met wonderful people walking there, and many bring their friendly dogs.

I was excited to visit the Rose Garden in full bloom!

That is our dog, Buddy, enjoying the roses!

I am sure that we will have many more visits to share from this wonderful campus.  If you are in the area, check it out any time of year!

Ft Washington State Park – with a Bird Sanctuary!!

June 17, 2012 26 comments

This is one of my favorite parks, and is just about 45 minutes away from our home.

American History is so fascinating!  This area that we live in is just so rich in historical significance.  This park was named Fort Washington, because General Washington camped here with his men on the way to Valley Forge in 1777.

The park was maintained by the Philadelphia  Fairmount Park Commission from the 1920′s until 1953 when it was made into a state park in Pennsylvania.




I am not a professional photographer, or even a good amateur!  I love taking photos.  It is HARD to take photos of birds, especially wild ones.  They move so fast.

I love to hear them sing, and am so proud when I actually get a picture of one!  Please don’t criticize or hold it against me.

There are 16 species of raptors that migrate in the eastern US.  All 16 species can be found at the park during the official “watch” from Sept 1-October 31 when volunteers count or “compile” the numbers seen in the park!

The park is so large – 493 acres!  There are a number of entrances that each have different types of recreation and parking.  I love the area with the observation area for the wild birds, and the picnic area by the


American History is so interesting!! Old Barracks Museum – Trenton, NJ

June 9, 2012 2 comments

Sally with Mr. Patterson, our wonderful guide for the afternoon

I really enjoy history, and love living in such a rich area for American History.  We will never run out of museums, parks, and interesting places to visit in the Delaware Valley and Philadelphia!

Learn lots more about the museum and the history at their website

Richard Patterson, Executive Director of the Old Barracks Museum

We were very fortunate to have a small tour group led by the Executive Director, Richard Patterson.  Wow, he is so smart and really brings history alive.

This museum is not far from “Washington Crossing”  that is of course on both sides of the Delaware River in PA and NJ.  Not far by car, but when the troops marched there in 1776 in the winter storms it was pretty far.  I can’t imagine it.

The tour starts with a really well done half hour movie about the war that uses re-enactors, art from the time, and stories that help to put everything into perspective.

Then you spend a while in different rooms of the museum learning about the way the men lived, what was happening at the time, and other great history tidbits.

There is a surgery room where Mr. Patterson taught us about smallpox and how General Washington made the decision to have his doctor expose his troops to a milder form of smallpox to protect them.  It was a long and unusual process that took almost a month to complete.  This was so interesting, and very advanced for the time.

I have wanted to visit this museum for years, but got the final motivation from the episode of “Who Do You Think You Are” with Rob Lowe.  He tracked an ancestor to the Hessian army housed in Trenton!  The episode is embedded here for you.

We were pleasantly surprised by the modern additions to accommodate people with disabilities! They have a clean and efficient lift to go to the 2 upper levels and the basement. Downstairs is a modern accessible rest room.

I highly recommend a visit to the Barracks!

Sally K Witt
Social Media and Ministry

The Beautiful Delaware Water Gap!

June 2, 2012 25 comments

The Delaware Water Gap is a National Park at the eastern end of the Pocono Mountain range.   The park includes 27 miles of the Appalachian Trail.

We had a lovely day last Saturday (May 26, 2012) after the rain storms driving around the Delaware Water Gap.  This is one of my favorite day trips in our area.  It takes about 2 hours to get here, and the drive up the Delaware River is a variety of town and country and river life!

This time of year, everything is so green and lush.  We are so lucky!

Because of the rainstorms this afternoon, you can see fluffy clouds right in the valley with us today.

At this lookout, we met this adorable little girl who didn’t speak English, but her Dad said it was ok to take her photo.

My husband hiked down to take some video of the wonderful water fall for me.

We always recommend that you take the time to visit and appreciate the parks around you – township, county, state, and national!  They are our treasures, and are so healing for the mind and spirit!

Sally K Witt
Social Media and Ministry


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