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Monday Dec 10, 2012 – Progressive Day of Action – Bucks County, PA Events

December 6, 2012 2 comments




Two Events in Bucks County!!

1.  At 4pm there is an action at Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick’s office in Langhorne, PA.

Fiscal Showdown Event

Cong Fitzpatrick’s office at Summit Square, 1717 Newtown Langhorne Rd
Langhorne, PA 19047
Monday, December 10th, 4:00 PM
Message from your host, Robin s.: Congressman Fitzpatrick said that his constituents are hardworking and don’t have time to protest. He said the he is their voice in Congress. Please join us to let him know that we are hardworking and will make the time to show him that we want our middle class tax cuts extended now! We’ve had enough of his divisive political games.

Middle Class

2.  Holiday Vigil for the Middle Class.

The vigil is starting at 5:30pm on Monday, Dec. 10 at the Christmas Tree in Bristol Borough
on Radcliffe and Mill St.
We’ll be there until 7:30pm so please come by to join the gathering!
Also, please share the word.  We’re getting interest from the press and would
love to have a big crowd.  Remember that Cong. Fitzpatrick said
that “hardworking, middle-income families who don’t have time to picket
or protest rely on me to be their voice”.
We simply must raise our voices so that the Congressman will understand that
  • when he refuses to end the tax breaks for billionaires, he is not speaking for us and
  • when he votes to change Medicare into a coupon scheme that will cost seniors over $6,000 a year, he does not speak for us and
  • when he votes to cut Medicaid funding by a third, he does not speak for us and
  • when he keeps the Pentagon budget off the table for cuts, he does not speak for us.
Join us on Monday evening in Bristol.  It will be a fun time with songs, refreshments and great speakers.
Raise your voice!

Robin Stelly
Penn Action
c: 203.216.9719



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home office (267) 209-0558

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Penn Actions “Showdown” on the Federal Budget – excellent info!

November 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Robin Stelly of Penn Action

Slide from the Showdown presentation

People were spread out, but we had a good turnout

Robin Stelly and Penn Action hosted a very interesting Economic Showdown at a church in Bristol, PA.

Join us at the Federal Budget SHOWDOWN SUMMIT Bristol, PA (Bucks County)

November 13, 2012 Leave a comment
Join us at the SHOWDOWN SUMMIT
Thursday, November 15th, 6:30pm
The elections are over and now  the President and Congress will have big decisions to make about the budget.
They will be deciding whether to stand up for
Prosperity for all:
Ending the Bush tax cuts for those earning over $250,000 raises $1 trillion over 10 years.
When millionaires and corporations pay their fair share, we can protect Medicare, Social Security
and education for middle class security and prosperity without increasing the deficit.
More for millionaires:
Handing over another $160,000 in tax breaks to millionaires and making the middle class balance
the budget by ending Medicare as we know it, cutting Medicaid by one-third and reducing federal
funding for education and job training by 20%.
Please join us to learn more & take action at the
Thursday, November 15th
7-9 pm (doors open at 6:30pm)
House of Prayer, 5628 Fleetwing Drive, Levittown, PA 19057
 Learn more about the budget showdown and the impact on our families, state and national economy.
 Debrief state and federal election results.
 Help develop action plans to contact our elected officials about the showdown.
Sponsored by Penn Action
Contact Robin with any questions:


home office (267) 209-0558

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My friends are celebrating their Medicare Birthdays!

October 1, 2012 3 comments

Barb Stakes and Lynda Mintz are good friends to many, and we are so happy to be in your circle!

You are both young and lovely with Big Hearts.  And, you throw a great party!!!  Thanks.

Sally and Joan

Lynda singing with her group!



Barb and Lynda are both great activists for Progressive Change, and wonderful supporters of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.  I am so happy that they are both eligible for Medicare now.  We all became friends while working on projects with Robin Stelly at Penn Action.
I am so upset that I forgot my movie camera today.  Lynda’s group was amazing!
I thought it would be fun to see some photos of their recent work together in the last year or so to promote the good word.  You can see by this small sample of photos how wonderful and dedicated these women are to helping others.

Lynda and Barb with some other friends at an action in front of the Congressman’s office

Lynda and Barb with more of our friends at the Congressman’s office in Washington DC


Lynda always sings at events – what a trooper!

Barb and Lynda with a portrait of Barb painted by Theresa BrownGold on one of the stops of the Medicare Medicaid Truth Tour




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Event to give a Voting Scorecard to Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick

September 28, 2012 Leave a comment

The Penn Action group of Progressive activists in Bucks County had a great day at the Levittown Post Office today.  The rain stopped and we had a good turnout, and a lot of drive by traffic.

We were working with the National week of action on giving “Scorecard” information to the people on how our Congressman had voted on issues that are important to us – the Middle Class and the rest of the 99%.
We are very concerned about the proposed Ryan Budget that the Republicans are promoting that will destroy the safety nets that are now in place for people with Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

Many people think that Medicaid is for poor single mothers, and other types of families.  We believe that this is an important need in our society.

However, most families are touched by Medicaid when a family member runs out of money and needs services as they need to live in a skilled nursing facility.  This is also a Middle Class issue.
Check out the Penn Action Facebook page for more info!


Bruce and Sally K Witt
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Videos from Presentation on how the Ryan Budget will affect us in Bucks County and PA

September 25, 2012 1 comment

Wonderful event last week sponsored by Penn Action, Center for American Progress, Keystone Progress and Pennsylvania Working Families

The event was Thursday, September 20 at the House of Prayer in Bristol, PA.

I took Video of the  public discussion about what the Ryan Budget will mean for Bucks County and Pennsylvania.  I do not use a tripod, and the videos are not perfect.  The information is outstanding, so please pay attention to that!

I broke up the taping into 4 videos.
Patrick Murphy
Former U.S. Congressman, PA08

Tom Perriello
President & CEO Center for American Progress Action & Former U.S. Congressman, VA05
Det Ansinn
Doylestown Borough Council President & Small Business Owner

Pastor James Evans
Chair,  Concerned Pastors of Lower Bucks

Carolyn Boyd
Bensalem resident impacted by budget cuts and concerned about the effect on her family of the proposed Ryan cuts




Bruce and Sally K Witt
Social Media and Ministry
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Medicare “Truth Tour 2012″ Join us and other info…

August 24, 2012 2 comments


Visit the Facebook Page and LIKE it and LIKE some of the posts, please!

We will NOT be having our weekly Wednesday meeting at 1pm so that everyone can participate with the tour.

Info from Robin Stelly about the tour-

Since the dangerous Ryan Budget first passed the U.S. House of Representatives with
Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick’s support, concerned constituents have been asking the Congressman for a series of well-publicized town halls to explain what a vote in support of privatizing Medicare, defunding Medicaid and repealing Obamacare means to them and other members of the working middle class.  The Congressman has yet to respond.
So we are doing our part to inform the public about this very important issue.
Please join us on Wednesday August 29 for four events scheduled throughout Bucks County in Levittown, Doylestown, Quakertown and Warrington where we will do our part to speak the truth about this vital issue.
Local portrait artist, Theresa BrownGold ( will be sharing her work and stories about her subjects.  Hear from Theresa, meet her, see her art and make some of your own!  (please “like” the page on Facebook)
The Truth Tour 2012 Stops are:
 Levittown Train Station
 Rt 13
 Levittown, PA
 Doylestown Courthouse
 Court St and Main St
 Doylestown, PA
 Quakertown Center
 Broad St.
 Quakertown, PA
7:00pm – Indoor Art Show with opportunities to meet the artist & create art of your own
 BuxMont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
 2040 Street Road
 Warrington, PA
Sponsored by The National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, Pennsylvania Health Access Network and Penn Action



Bruce and Sally K Witt
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Wonderful Rally today about the vote on Tax Cuts – Grrrrrrrr

August 3, 2012 Leave a comment

PA Working Families, Penn Action, Move On,  and CFPA brought together interested citizens to spread the word about our Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick and his voting record against the Middle Class.

The speakers did a great job of explaining why we are unhappy with the voting record of our Congressman.  Please listen even when my camera job is “wonky”.  It is not easy taking video at these events, but the information is so good it must be shared!



Bruce and Sally K Witt
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Happy Birthday Medicare! Wishing you a long and happy life!

July 30, 2012 2 comments

We are happy to celebrate 47 years of Medicare.  It is important to get the word out that the programs that we depend on are in danger with the Republican Ryan Budget.  This budget would cancel all the advantages of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and destroy Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security as we know it.

Our Bucks County group of Penn Action and has been working for years on preserving the programs needed for our families.  This is not a one time action, but a coordinated effort with related groups.

Athena Ford from The Pennsylvania Health Access Network  –  organized a great rally today at Congressman Fizpatrick’s office.

Penn Action and coordinated to bring together as many interested people as possible today. Many people also support the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare – NCPSSM.

Art by Theresa BrownGold of Doylestown – telling the stories of the uninsured and under-insured

It is so important that the current and future leaders of our country preserve the programs that care for the elderly and disabled.  We all paid into the programs, and deserve some assurance that the programs will be there for us as we need them.






Theresa BrownGold talks about her art-


Bruce and Sally K Witt
Social Media and Ministry
skype – sallylovesanimals
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July 5, 2012 Newsletter for our Bucks County Moveon – Penn Action Group

Between all the excitment and the Heat Wave, I am exhausted!

Next meetings -

Monday July 9 7pm – You MUST RSVP.  We will cancel if there are not enough people to justify the evening meeting.

Wednesday July 11 – this week at 2pm because of a conflict that Robin Stelly has.

Information and Photos have been submitted by many of our members.   Thank you Mike, Clare, and Robin for always keeping me full of emails, photos, and video for the newsletter!

1.  A number of our seniors went to the White House Summit June 24-27 to be trained on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.  They had a jam packed 3 days, and came back on fire!

2.  When the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, we were thrilled.  There was a rally last Friday at PA State Rep Tina Davis’ office.  We want a good and fair health exchange system for Pennsylvania!!

See more photos here

OUR Barb Stakes was interviews on Channel 10 News!


3.  The Nuns on a Bus came to Bucks County!!

4.  Important info shared by Mary Downing-
a.  “Independent expenditures.”

That’s the Washington, D.C., inside-the-Beltway term for money that corporations, billionaires and pretty much anything or anyone who isn’t a candidate is throwing toward tilting elections one way or another.

Many of these “independent expenditures” will be secretly funneled into front groups that blast our airwaves with smears, half-truths and outright lies.

Meanwhile, the big spenders behind the big money are doing all they can to keep their spending in the dark.

This July 4, stand up for true independence by urging your senators to fight for an election season that’s independent of secret money. Tell them to cosponsor the DISCLOSE Act.

For more information about the DISCLOSE Act, read my earlier email, copied below in case you missed it.

b.  Who in their right mind would have the nerve to say that Tammy Duckworth — a double-amputee Iraq War Veteran and current candidate for Congress in Illinois — is anything less than an American hero?

Her opponent — Republican Congressman Joe Walsh — has decided that his only chance to beat her is to hurl character attacks at Duckworth, saying today that she’s not a “true hero.”

Tell Walsh that all of our Veterans are heroes and that we can never recognize them enough for their service >>

It’s a new low for Joe Walsh. Let’s hold him accountable.

5.  From Nancy Traflin -

Dear Bucks County MoveOn member,

Representative Marguerite Quinn of the 143rd Assembly District in Bucks County is one of the architects of Act 13, the fracking law passed in the Pennsylvania Legislature.

Act 13 strips away our local zoning laws, enforces a gag order on our doctors, and allows drilling and open impoundment pits of fracking waste that threaten to pollute our ground, water, and air for generations to come.

That’s why I created a petition on to Rep. Quinn, which says:

Repeal Act 13 and return local zoning control back to the townships and municipalities of Pennsylvania. According to the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania it is our duty and our right to protect our air, water, and land. Give us back our rights!

Will you sign the petition? Click here to add your name, and then pass it along to your friends:


–Nancy Taflin


You are welcome to join us at events, and at our weekly planning meetings!

Our Core group meets every Wed. at 1pm at Joan and Sally’s house.  New Core members are always welcome.  This is where we plan, keep updated on news from Moveon and Penn Action, and share ideas.  email for directions  

We are adding an evening meeting once a month on the 2nd Monday at 7pm, same place.  Please RSVP at for each meeting so that we know to expect you.

Getting Letters to the Editor, and Guest Opinions printed is so important.  Let us know if you are willing to write, or if you need help writing one.  Contact Frank Arcoleo or Bob Mason for ideas or help.  

Robin Stelly – Penn Action
Joan King, Sally Witt Bucks County Coordinator –  Mike Sullivan

We are now doing a weekly newsletter for our larger group.  Questions, or suggestions can be sent to


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