What Do You Think about Cutting Social Security Benefits? – Sent that Email Yet?

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Find Out Where Your Hot Flashes Start

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Everyone knows menopausal hot flashes aren’t a symptom of blazing summer days. Rather, hot flashes generate from within the body on freezing and sizzl…

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22 Tips To Help You Age Brilliantly

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We’ve found new ways to make sure you keep blossoming into an ever-better you — wiser, sexier, more resilient, and not the least bit stressed abo…

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Vivian Diller, Ph.D.: Menopause in the Media: It’s About Time!

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It’s time we speak out and to one another, not only about the physical changes we experience, but about how we deal with them.

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Top New Empire Avenue Users – Jul 16, 2013

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Hey EAvers, we’ve got 4 of yesterday’s 68 new users on today’s list. Have a great day investing in others!

Yesterday’s New Users with Dividend > 0.15 e/share

Ticker Dividend Share Price % Yield
PETITBUZZ 0.31 27.24 1.14
DELANSTAR 0.30 26.98 1.11
JOWYNALEX 0.22 20.10 1.09
BCLOW7 0.17 26.42 0.64


Unfortunately, the dividends for the following users have not updated yet as of the last rollover:



If you’re new to Empire Avenue, I recommend you check out 12 Tips to Getting a Phenomenal Start on Empire Avenue and invite you to join me in the new Empowering New Empire Avenue Users Facebook group, where you can connect with kind EAv veterans who will answer any questions you have.

If you find these recommendations helpful, I’d appreciate it if you’d click the “like” button at the bottom of this post. Have a great day investing in others!

– Paul -> (e)PDSTEIN

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Sarah Erdreich: Why a Pro-Choice Activist Went to a Crisis Pregnancy Clinic (and What She Found There)

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“Want to go to a crisis pregnancy clinic?” I asked my husband one night during my first trimester of pregnancy. “No,” he said flatly. “Why would we?”

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Sue Kerr: Texas and Tampons — Why Sister Supplies Should Be Part of the Dialogue on Reproductive Health

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Tampons and pads are not weapons of mass destruction. We do not even have enough to take care of all the women who need them. Do you think we are going to WASTE them on you?

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Dr. Derek Yach: Poor Diet, Tobacco Use and Lack of Physical Activity Taking Toll on Nation’s Health

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There is strength in numbers, and we are working with corporations, associations, federal, state, and local government to identify multi-stakeholder solutions that will address the issues facing our nation’s health in bold and transformative ways.

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Jed Diamond: Men’s Health Insider Reveals the Secret for Helping Prevent Heart Disease

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We know that men die sooner and live sicker than women. Statistics from the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention show that men have a h…

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Sara Gottfried, M.D.: Why Plan B Gets an A: When It Comes to Birth Control, More Options Improve Reproductive Choices

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I believe that more reproductive choice trumps the potential risks of synthetic hormones being available over the counter.

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