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2/23 Community Conversations at Norton Avenue First Baptist Church in Bristol, PA

Wonderful project continuing to bring the Community together!  Pastor Evans  and Miss Martha Miller from Norton Avenue First Baptist and Robin Stelly from Penn Action are the key organizers.

Robin Stelly provided Notes from the Second Meeting to help improve the Neighborhood:

Pastor James Evans working with his table at the meeting during a breakout session.

What brings you to this effort? 

Love of the community

Interested in what’s happening and want to be part of the solution

I was asked and I care about the people in the community

Interested in making a change in my community

Concern for the Bristol Community, about the apathy

Desire to help

Desire to prevent gun violence

Working to create positive change with her family

Desire to help seniors in the community

Getting active in the community again

Want to volunteer while waiting on disability

Desire to help

Love for the children who live in the community

Curiosity about the meeting and what the group is doing

Sees the need for change and wants to be a part of it

Interested in being part of the solution

Desire to improve community – reduce the impact of drugs

Desire to create opportunities in the neighborhood

Concern for well-being and future of teenagers in community

I want to help

President Obama’s campaign

I have experience working with people to develop life skills

To hold people accountable at the local, county, state and federal levels


What challenge in the community do you have a burning desire to fix?

Lack of job opportunities, rendering training programs useless and damaging to the participants

Lack of meeting place in each neighborhood to keep kids off the street

Lack of transportation for kids to use to get to safe places

Lack of life skills training for our youth (cooking, trade skills)

Lack of empowerment

Lack of hope

Difficult to bring community together

How do we build and support small businesses?

How do we attract employment opportunities for local residents of the community?

How do we establish relationships and connect with agencies that providde program funding and grant money.


Community participation

Getting more money into the neighborhood

Difficulty getting people to attend programs

Lack of parental responsibility

Guns in the community

Lack of safety in community

Lack of jobs that pay living wages

Would like to see seniors mentoring the youth

Children being around gunfire

Lack of opportunities for kids

Education of youth

Lack of movement forward

Children raising children

Improve communication between parents and schools

Lack of respect for seniors

We don’t know who are neighbors are

Get kids out of the streets

Women making the same amount of money as men

Improved communication among different communities

Lack of voting

Lack of “black-owned” businesses

Lack of positive communication/dialogue

Lack of remedial psychological assistance


Robin Stelly from Penn Action leading a community building exercise

Regarding that challenge, where have we fallen short as a community?

Medical services – including mental health – are not available

No leadership of the youth

No organizations for youth, like sports

Communication  – nobody knows what’s out there

We roll out information inefficiently

Lack of caring about our neighbors

Reluctance to accept help from others

Lack of men training boys to be men

Not sticking together

Lack of respect for themselves or other

Reluctance to come together

Changing the norms of the community into positive actions

Organizing/Communicating with each other and following through

Fear of failing

Being responsible and accountable

Lack of political involvement

Disregard for the positive norms that already exist

Trouble talking to each other

Kids need safe activities to do and places to be

Enough people don’t get involved with creating positive change

Pulling together as a larger force

People are desensitized to the needs of youth.

Parenting is falling short

We need parent education

We need to motivate people to make positive change

Lack of follow through on tasks

Lack of jobs for youth

Lack of love and respect

Afraid to challenge the opposition

Have not communicated a vision for the future

What institutions, actions, people do you perceive as being part of the solution?




Freedom Neighborhood One


No Longer Bound


Corporations to promote community service among employees

Empowered residents

Community leaders, Pastors, agencies, government

Heeding God’s Call

Veteran’s Administration

Small Business Associations

Vendor Associations


Municipal officers

Law enforcement



Boycotts of companies that don’t hire minorities


Communities coming together in understanding (all races) and with solutions for all

They are working on a new website, but for now you can find information at http://www.nortonavenuebaptistchurch.bravehost.com/


Our groups work together to bring awareness and progressive change for Bucks County!

Penn Action – Robin Stelly


BuxMont CFPA – Cathy Leary, Bill Deckert


Moveon.org Bucks County Council – Joan King and Sally Witt


Sally K Witt
Social Media and Ministry

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