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The Simpsons share about their trip to Kenya

We were not sure we were ready to leave the beautiful country of Kenya. The weather was gorgeous, the surroundings sometimes beautiful, sometimes moving, and the people were inspiring. Those we spent time with in Kenya were a blessing to us even as we tried to be a blessing to them.  Friday was especially emotional for us as we had to say goodbye to all of the babies we cared for and the little children we taught and spent time with.  But we are so grateful that our family had the opportunity to go to Kenya, serve God and His children,  learn from another culture, and experience much of the beauty there.
We want to thank our friends and family that helped us to get here by donating and praying for us. Every time we encouraged and loved a child or adult there, you were all with us. We are also grateful to those who donated items to give to the people in Kenya. Everything that was given, from coloring books and crayons to soccer balls, games, and clothes were all so well received and appreciated.  Every time we took out a coloring book or activity or ball, the children got so excited and had a blast with them.  This trip truly was a team effort, so thank you for being a part of the team.

Here are some of the highlights:

Taking care and loving the babies at Angels Home.  We connected with each one in a special way there.

Enjoying working at each one of the projects…interacting with the babies at Angels, helping teach and lead the preschoolers at LCC-K, and getting to know the kids that live at LCC’s children home.

Interacting with kids from a whole different country.

Going on safari and seeing wildlife in action in their natural habitat.  Also staying in a luxury tent right in the middle of the bush and having awesome Maasai guides and guards to take care of our stay there.

Meeting Winnie, our sponsored child of 11 years with Compassion Int’l.  She is doing phenomenally well!

(She was showing us all of the pictures she kept that we sent her over the years.)

Though the situation was looking dire and discouraging for baby Grace at Angels Home, she was rescued from her dehydration just in time when she was taken to the hospital and put on IV fluids immediately.  The baby orphanage staff were meeting with a nutritionist on Monday to learn about Grace’s needs (as well as some other babies there) to help them with malnutrition.  We are so grateful that God answered our prayers in ways that we

Copied with permission from the Simpson’s blog

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