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Newsletter for Moveon.org/Penn Action in Bucks County April 15, 2012

Newsletter for our Bucks County Moveon/Penn Action Core Group

Sunday April 15

(photo – 99% Spring Training in Richboro last Wednesday)

You are welcome to join us at events, and at our weekly planning meetings!
Our Core group meets every Wed. at 1pm at Joan and Sally’s house.  New Core members are always welcome.  This is where we plan, keep updated on news from Moveon and Penn Action, and share ideas.  email for directions sallykwitt@gmail.com.

THIS TUESDAY is TAX Day Action!!

Tax Day Action

Wells Fargo walk to corner across from Train Station
17 Apr , 04:00 PM
We will meet at 4pm at the sidewalk on Levittown Parkway and Route 13 kitty-corner from the Levittown Train Station. We will have signs and chanting. A We will do a “honk and wave” across from the Train Station until 5:30pm. Join us!

Event URL: http://civic.moveon.org/event/taxthe1/128887

Additional info written by Robin!

Please join us on Tax Day, April 17.

At 4:00pm, we’ll gather at the Wells Fargo branch in the Levittown Shopping Center and
then march to the corner of Rt 13 across from the dilapidated Levittown Train Station.

We have all the money we need to invest in jobs repairing and improving America’s
infrastructure (including the Levittown Train Station), but instead we choose to hand
trillions of dollars over to megabanks, billionaires and multi-national corporations.

NOTE: If you have a Wells Fargo account you want to close or have closed recently, let me know.
We’re hoping to celebrate everyone who has moved their money from megabanks (especially
Wells Fargo since we’ll be there)

We will also be highlighting the upcoming vote in the U.S. Senate on the proposed Buffett Rule,
also known as the Paying A Fair Share Act.  We will remind Americans that people making $1 million
or more a year often pay a lower tax rate than most middle-income families, including secretaries
like the one who works for Warren Buffet. For example, Mitt Romney, the likely GOP presidential
nominee, was taxed at a rate of 13.9 percent on the $21.7 million he earned in 2010. The Buffett Rule
would make it so that Americans who earn $1 million a year or more would be subject to a 30 percent
tax rate.

Also: PA Working Families will be rallying at Cong. Fitzpatrick’s office on Tax Day at 11:00am.
They’ll be asking the Congressman where he stands on the Buffett rule?  With the millionaires or
with the rest of us?  ADDRESS: 1717 Newtown Langhorne Road, Newtown PA.  The office is in
the Summit Square Shopping Center – drive all the way to the back.  Pass all the stores; the office building is in the very back.

We are making signs together on Monday at 1:30 pm at Joan and Sally’s house.  If you want to come and need directions, call Robin’s cell  203.216.9719

Voter Id Project-

(photo- Pastor Evans at one of the meetings)

Things are really moving along with this project.  It is time NOW to put all the energy and ideas into action.  If you would like to work with us on this project in Bucks County, contact Robin Stelly at pennaction@gmail.com.

Coming Soon!

Benefit Concert April 20 for Center for Peace Action


Move Your Money public panel discussion

Yardley Makefield Library
28 Apr , 12:00 PM
Join us for a Move Your Money public panel discussion Big banks used their privileged status to gamble on exotic financial instruments like collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) and credit default swaps (CDSs). When their bets paid off, the bankers got huge bonuses. When the bets failed, the US taxpayer took the losses. Heads they win, tails we lose. And nobody – the government, the courts, or the market – has held these behemoth banks accountable for tanking the economy and plunging millions into unemployment. The “Move Your Money” effort is a simple, straightforward way of holding banks accountable by moving your money and other financial arrangements from the mega-bank offenders to smaller, more responsible institutions. By doing so you’ll help to end “too-big-to-fail,” you’ll be investing in Main Street, not Wall Street, and lending a hand to local businesses. Plus, you’re likely to have lower fees and better, more personal service. Learn why moving your money to community institutions is important, and what might be in it for you.

Event URL:http://pol.moveon.org/event/99communitybuild/128748


Getting Letters to the Editor, and Guest Opinions printed is so important.  Let us know if you are willing to write, or if you need help writing one.  Contact Frank Arcoleo Frank.Arcoleo@verizon.net or Bob Mason robmas1@verizon.net for ideas or help.

Your Coordinators:

Robin Stelly – Penn Action
Joan King, Sally Witt – Moveon.org

We are now doing a weekly newsletter for our larger group.  Sally Witt and Linda O’Connor will be managing the newsletter.  Questions, or suggestions can be sent to loc2000@aol.com or sallykwitt@gmail.com.

Sally K Witt
Social Media and Ministry

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