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Bucks County Focus – Vote ID Issue in Pennsylvania

John Jordan from NAACP speaking at Love Fellowship Tabernacle in Bensalem, PA yesterday

Here is an update from Robin Stelly of Penn Action –

We have a meeting of the Community Campaign for Voting Rights tonight at
6:30pm at the Annex of the Norton Ave First Baptist Church.    Please join
us.  We need to find out how the neighbor-to-neighbor outreach is going and
set some goals.
If you can work a shift at a polling place in Bristol tomorrow and you haven’t
already told me, please let me know.   pennaction@gmail.com
At the polls, we’ll be passing out literature that helps people understand the new
law.  Big thanks to John Jordan for getting that literature for us from Philadelphia.
We’ll also be collecting signatures on a petition to the County Commissioners
asking them to form a task force made up of community groups to help educate
people throughout the county about the new Photo ID law and help them get
the documentation they need.
We’ll have the literature and the petition at the meeting tonight.  Please join us!
Please spread the word and bring a friend!
And don’t forget, you can sign the petition at this link: http://signon.org/sign/county-commissioners
and ask your Bucks County friends to do the same.

Moveon.org Bucks County Council – Joan King and Sally Witt


Penn Action – Robin Stelly


Sally K Witt
Social Media and Ministry



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