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June 14, 2012 Newsletter for our Bucks County Moveon – Penn Action Group

Happy Father’s Day to all!
1.  June 14 –  Movie and Discussion at Mike Sullivan’s!  TONIGHT!!
                      GET MONEY OUT OF OUR POLITICS
                The Koch Bros out of the shadows and into the spotlight
                               10 shocking facts about the Koch Bros
                                        KOCH Bros. EXPOSED
                                        the 1% at its very worst
                    Come see the movie on June 14th at 7:00pm at
                                      116 Indian Creek Dr
                                       Levittown, Pa    19057
Meet members of the Bucks County Moveon.org and Penn Actions groups. We work to inform and help see positive changes in our area for our families and the county, the state, and the US.
 2.  Sign the petition to get Money out of Politics: http://pol.moveon.org/amend/  Pass it on to your friends!
3.  Thursday June 21, 4pm  Petition Drop off at Fitzpatrick’s office!

4.  Very important in Pennsylvania – sign ASAP
Here’s the link to the petition at SignOn.org.

5.  Rapid Response – when Supreme Court gives decision on Affordable Health Care Act
Hi,Please make room in your schedule to be at the rapid response to the Supreme

Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).   I will send out a notice
as soon as I hear that the Supreme Court is releasing its decision.

Rapid Response details are:
WHENNOON on the day after the Supreme Court announces a decisionWHERE: We’ll be gathering at Rep. Tina Davis’ office on Green Lane in Bristol.
Address: 3611 Green Lane – Levittown, PA 19057

WHY: No matter what the decision is, we will be calling on the state legislature to

move forward to create an exchange that protects the gains of the Affordable Care
Act.  That’s why we’ll be at Rep. Davis’ office.  She’s a State Rep on the Insurance
Committee so she’ll be involved with creating the exchange in PA.  Rep. Davis
has given every indication that she will support a strong exchange in PA so we
will be there to encourage her and to draw attention to the state legislature where
the important action will be after the Supreme Court releases its decision.
If you have a story to share about how the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)
has helped you specifically (adult kids on your plan, donut hole rebates, Medicare
wellness visits, small business rebates …) please let me know.
Any other questions, please feel free to contact me.
Robin Stelly
6.  Important for PA farms – submitted by Joan King
Dear Joan,Pennsylvania Dutch Country and our Amish farmlands are one of the state’s most iconic landscapes. We take pride in the region’s great history. And we’re relieved to know that nearby farmers are working hard every day to put healthy, locally grown food on our plates.

We have two weeks to stop Gov. Corbett from changing all of that by ending the nation’s most successful farm preservation program. Email your legislators today and tell them that we want to help Pennsylvania’s family farmers and working farmlands—not turn our back on them.

We know that Amish country—and other great farming areas in Bucks County, Chester County and throughout the Commonwealth—are under immense pressure from encroaching overdevelopment and sprawl.

Many of these great communities look nothing like they did when I moved to Pennsylvania in the mid ‘90s—and it would have been much worse if steps hadn’t been taken to make sure we can protect as many family farms as possible from being razed and turned into the next strip mall or McMansion housing development.

That’s why I was appalled to learn that Gov. Corbett has proposed to halt the funding that’s dedicated to Pennsylvania’s Farmland Preservation Program.

Will you join me in standing up for the farmers who’ve worked to keep Pennsylvania beautiful and put food on our plates for years?

Click here to send your legislators an email for Pennsylvania’s farms.

Thanks for all your support.


David Masur
PennEnvironment Director

PS. Do you know a family farmer or someone who enjoys Pennsylvania’s Farmers Markets and locally grown food? Send this alert to them today so they can help save Pennsylvania’s farmland.


Update: Community Campaign for Voting Rights

Hi Everyone,

Here’s the news on the voting rights / Photo ID education front.  There’s
a lot to update so please read this entire email.
1. Phone banks are starting up to contact people most vulnerable to being
disenfranchised by the Photo ID law are starting up.  We need volunteers
to help make the calls.  Details for two in July are below.
This sort of outreach can work wonders.  In Milwaukee, during the recall election,
Citizen Action of Wisconsin focused on 50 low-turnout neighborhoods with this result:
The results:  Our 50 low propensity wards (precincts) had 77.4% turnout!! 
That beats the overall City of Milwaukee turnout of 76.13%.  We transformed 
low propensity wards into high turnout wards. 
We’ll be starting our phone banking in July, well ahead of the election in
November, to let the people we reach know that they are more than numbers
to us.  We want them to hear about the Photo ID law in time to be ready
for it.  We want to help.  And we want them to be able and encouraged to
vote in November.  Please join our phone banking and help us reach 77%
turnout (or higher) in Bristol!
WHAT: Phone bank
WHEN: Thursday, July 19  6:30pm
WHERE: Annex
             Norton Ave. First Baptist Church
             1230 Norton Ave
             Bristol, PA 19007
RSVP:  Please click here to let us know that you’ll be joining us.
WHAT: Phone bank
WHEN: Thursday, July 26 6:30pm
WHERE: Annex
              Norton Ave. First Baptist Church
              1230 Norton Ave
              Bristol, PA 19007
RSVP:   Please click here to let us know that you’ll be joining us.
2. The Photo ID Education Task Force met for the first time on June 7
in Doylestown.  It was an interesting meeting.  It’s clear that the members
of the committee want to do their best to educate the county about the
Photo ID law.  It’s also clear that whatever the county ends up doing, it
won’t be enough so we have to keep working on our own to reach out to
vulnerable communities in our reach.
The meetings of the task force are open to the public.  The next meeting
is happening on JUNE 20 at 7pm in Lower Bucks. The location hasn’t
been set yet.  Please make plans to attend the meeting.  I’ll send word
around about the location as soon as I know it.
Robin Stelly
Penn Action
c: 203.216.9719
e: rstelly@pennaction.org
8.  Barb Stakes is scheduling a House Party in July for updating us with Health information from PHAN
PHAN (Pennsylvania Health Access Network) House Party, my house. July – Date to be determined.
The discussion will be moderated by Athena Ford of PHAN and will be about the Ryan budget’s negative impact on Medicare.
Please contact Barb for more info as it becomes available.
9.  email info from Frank Arcoleo
Sally,I meant to tell everyone today that I whole family went to a spectacular performance last weekend.  It’s Lillian Hellman’s “The Little Foxes” at the heritage Center right there in Morrisville.  The production was so relevant to the “greed” topic that we’re actually dealing with in our work.   But what I couldn’t get over was how fantastic the acting was from top to bottom. It plays Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon this next week and the week after.  Tickets are $20 for adults, $15 with WHYY membership.   Please let everyone know how fantastic an opportunity this is.




You are welcome to join us at events, and at our weekly planning meetings!

Our Core group meets every Wed. at 1pm at Joan and Sally’s house.  New Core members are always welcome.  This is where we plan, keep updated on news from Moveon and Penn Action, and share ideas.  email for directions sallykwitt@gmail.com.  

We are adding an evening meeting once a month on the 2nd Monday at 7pm, same place.  Please RSVP at sallykwitt@gmail.com for each meeting so that we know to expect you.

Getting Letters to the Editor, and Guest Opinions printed is so important.  Let us know if you are willing to write, or if you need help writing one.  Contact Frank Arcoleo Frank.Arcoleo@verizon.net or Bob Mason robmas1@verizon.net for ideas or help.  

Robin Stelly – Penn Action
Joan King, Sally Witt

Moveon.org Bucks County Coordinator –  Mike Sullivan

We are now doing a weekly newsletter for our larger group.  Questions, or suggestions can be sent to sallykwitt@gmail.com.

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