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Missions at Calvary Chapel Mercer County (NJ) – Belize Trip Report from Kevin Barber!

Belize Report from Kevin Barber!

Kevin is from Calvary Chapel Mercer County, and submitted this report for the church blog.  I thought it would be nice to share it with my blog readers as well!


Kevin Barber with Hattieville Youth

I arrived in Belize on Saturday June 9th with about 80 lbs of used children clothes donated by Renee’ Barber. Customs can be difficult when bringing things into Belize. Formerly British Honduras they know how to tax everything. Fortunately God gave me favor with the agent when I told her they were for the church. No Tax. Yeah.

Sunday I taught Sunday school as well as Church. The topic was “God’s Call” the unique way God called Moses from the burning bush. Used the CBS4KIDS teaching Technique. Story from scripture, Story with students playing parts in a spontaneous melodrama, Story told back to me by the Students. Key points: God did not call until Moses turned to inquire. God’s heart for His People. Moses excuses. God’s promise to Go with Him.

Monday traveled to Belmopan (the Capital) and picked up some lumber for our Maya House’s windows. Visited with Our Mayan friends and talked with the Pastor of the Nazarene Church about CBS4KIDS seminar being held there.

Dennis Requena, teacher, and recording artist in Roaring Creek.

Traveled to Roaring Creek to meet with Dennis Requena,  a Schoolteacher and local recording artist. We discussed CBS4KIDS seminar with the principle. She said there would be a teacher’s convention attended by 100 teachers at a jungle lodge called Jaguar Creek. She is inquiring about have our seminar billed as “Communication” and we are praying that it will coincide with our Armenia outreach.

Graduate of Wesley College (High School) Yolanda Gabourel.

Attended the Graduation of Wesley College. (High School). 200 in graduates. Amber Dyer, Arkel Dyer, and Yolanda Gabourel among our Hattieville students.

It was a long ceremony. After each speaker was finished they challenged the students to walk with Christ. Jesus was lifted up very high all throughout the service. I was blessed.

2 year Lettica’s daddy died last fall, she and her older siblings are now orphans

Thursday Pastor Mark and I took care of some issues with our buses. Yes we have 3 now. We changed some ‘May-Pop’ tires to better used tires.

Friday night youth group was amazing. All week I’d been inviting some prodigals to show up for youth group and they did. We hung out and played with the props for the illustrations for Sunday’s CBS4KIDS type presentation.

Saturday Dennis and Lorena Requena traveled to San Pedro and I to Caye Calker to set up venues for the Seminars on the islands. Prayed with the leadership of Central Christian on Caye Caulker. Dennis was to contact churches on San Pedro and Clive Welsh of Lighthouse Christian Radio.

Nazarene Church in Armenia

Sunday School and Church were great. Pastor was away so again I did service. “The Sea Splits”.  Using two long blue plastic table clothes we simulated the sea. Randolph Armstrong (a wonderful student) wore a Moses costume and used a broom for a staff. When the sea opened up 1/2 the congregation went through as the “children’ and then the other 1/2 came through as the Egyptian Army. Oh great fun. Points: God loves his people. God protects his people. And God did all this so “the Egyptians would know”. He is a Missionary God indeed.

Arrive home safely. Uneventful Flight. PTL.


See our church blog at http://welcometocalvary.org  Services in Ewing and Robbinsville, NJ

Calvary Chapel Mercer County


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