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August 11 update Penn Action group in Bucks County!

We hope that you are having a great summer.  This time of year is so busy, and even more so this year because of the Presidential elections.




You may have never heard of this organization, but they are so important!  http://www.ncpssm.org/

A team from our group was invited to be trained in Washington DC at the end of June by this group.  They work very closely with us at Penn Action.  They continue to support our efforts to educate and support people in keeping the benefits safe.  We need to keep showing people that the Ryan Budget will kill these programs as we know them, and a variety of other misinformation sound bites that are thrown around in the media.

Joan King is seated on her rolling walker in this photo, The yellow shirts are from the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare

Joan King has been named as the liaison between the progressive activists in Bucks County and the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.  Congratulations Joan!

The National Committee – NCPSSM is providing support for a fun and informative “Bus Tour” in Bucks County.  At least 3 stops will be made in Upper, Middle, and Lower Bucks County to share the TRUTH about Obamacare, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid!  How trying to kill these programs through the Ryan or Republican budget is bad for everyone except the wealthy.  Event is August 29.  Can you meet us at one stop and show support?  More details to come!

*  Linda Manzo is having a house party for Kathy Bookvar in Langhorne Friday evening!
*  We are collecting video questions for Congressman Fitzpatrick.  Contact Robin Stelly if you would like to record one.  You can see the first one online at the Penn Action Facebook page  http://www.facebook.com/PennAction/posts/444361418920542
Robin Stelly pennaction@gmail.com cell – 203.216.9719
*  Voter ID Project – still working on phone banks to help people be aware of the new law and to see if they have what they need.  Phone bank times in Doylestown and Bristol, and another virtual phone bank from home is coming up.  Contact Robin if you can help   Robin Stelly pennaction@gmail.com cell – 203.216.9719
*  Progressive Quilt Squares!  Can you help by making a quilt square, or adopting a quilt square and telling us your story?   Contact Robin –  Robin Stelly pennaction@gmail.com cell – 203.216.9719
You are welcome to come to our Core Planning meetings every Wednesday afternoon at 1pm unless there is an important event that we are attending together.  Confirm location, etc. by email – sallykwitt@gmail.com  or you can call Robin Stelly at cell – 203.216.9719.


Bruce and Sally K Witt
Social Media and Ministry
skype – sallylovesanimals
home office (267) 209-0558

Take The 10K Challenge – 35 Min. A Day http://ibourl.net/WittTeam

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