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Videos from Presentation on how the Ryan Budget will affect us in Bucks County and PA

Wonderful event last week sponsored by Penn Action, Center for American Progress, Keystone Progress and Pennsylvania Working Families

The event was Thursday, September 20 at the House of Prayer in Bristol, PA.   http://www.houseofprayerlevittown.org

I took Video of the  public discussion about what the Ryan Budget will mean for Bucks County and Pennsylvania.  I do not use a tripod, and the videos are not perfect.  The information is outstanding, so please pay attention to that!

I broke up the taping into 4 videos.
Patrick Murphy
Former U.S. Congressman, PA08


Tom Perriello
President & CEO Center for American Progress Action & Former U.S. Congressman, VA05

Det Ansinn
Doylestown Borough Council President & Small Business Owner


Pastor James Evans
Chair,  Concerned Pastors of Lower Bucks


Carolyn Boyd
Bensalem resident impacted by budget cuts and concerned about the effect on her family of the proposed Ryan cuts




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