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Two great events today to support the Middle Class in Bucks County, PA!

2009-10-04 00.45.33

2009-10-04 00.46.18


Two events today to bring the people and their stories out in the light.  Mom and I are proud to support Penn Action and the other groups in this area protecting the Middle Class.

Information below is  from an email written by  Robin Stelly at Penn Action to point out the success today and the press coverage!

Thanks to great teamwork on the part of everyone at PA Working Families and Penn Action,
the Holiday Vigil for the Middle Class was a great success.
Lynda played guitar and led us in modified carols (THANKS!!!)
Pastor Evans from the Norton Avenue First Baptist Church spoke about the people who are working to make it into the middle class.
Det Ansinn, local small business leader from Doylestown spoke about the uncertainty being caused by Congress’ refusal to pass the Presdent’s tax cuts for the 98%.
Our own Sally shared her most recent and powerful LTE with the crowd
And Eleanor and Mary Downing spoke as well.
I’ll post video asap and let you know when that’s done.  In the meantime,
you can see photos at Penn Action’s Facebook page – I posted ones from the Bristol vigil and the 4pm rally at
Cong. Fitzpatrick’s office:
And you can read the Courier’s story here:






Evening Vigil in Bristol Borough-

2009-10-04 02.41.15

2009-10-04 02.40.58

Video from the Bucks County Courier Times!


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