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EAv Finally Eliminates Remnant Outstanding Shares Limit

EAv-ZULUToday on Empire Avenue, when investors buy up all your “outstanding shares,” your number of outstanding shares automatically increases so investors can buy more.  But that wasn’t always the case…

Once upon a time when EAv was in its infancy, the dividend you paid to your shareholders was based on the total dividend you generated divided by the total number of outstanding shares (aka dividend delusion).  EAv also gave users the option not to automatically increase the shares available.  Some users selected this option so they could keep their dividend per share high.

At some point, EAv changed its dividend formula, eliminating dividend delusion as well as the option to prevent increases in available shares.    But for the handful of users who had selected that option, it didn’t go away.  This had been preventing other user from investing in those who had this obsolete option.

Yesterday, EAv finally eliminated this option completely, finally making shares available in the handful of users who  had the old option.

Because that option kept people from buying more shares, it also kept their share price from increasing, resulting in a pretty good yield.  If you buy quickly, you may still be able to get a good yield, not to mention a healthy increase in investment value as others buy and cause the share price to increase.  According to Frédéric Dénommé, those users include:

Personally, I think it’s a good move.  What do you think?  Have you invested in these users?  Are there any others I missed?

via Empire Avenue Tips http://empireav.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/eav-finally-eliminates-remnant-outstanding-shares-limit/

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