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Is Empire Avenue Rebranding Again?

empire_avenue_rocket_going_downTake a quick look at the Empire Avenue homepage (log out), and you’ll noticed things have changed. Gone is the image of a rocket and the slogan “Social Media Rocket Fuel.”

In it’s place…

No image.

And what I guess is EAv’s new slogan “Realize the Power of Social Networks”

(see below)

Empire Avenue May 2013

Here is the previous version…


The “Social Media Rocket Fuel” theme lasted barely a year. Prior to March 2012, Empire Avenue was  ”The Social Stock Market”

empire avenue social exchange

My take

In my opinion, the new site looks nice and clean, but it lacks character or anything memorable.

The previous slogan “Social Media Rocket Fuel” had a certain zing to it and instantly conveyed exactly what Empire Avenue is all about, while the new slogan ”Realize the Power of Social Networks…”  Well, try this little experiment:  step away from your computer and put some popcorn in the microwave.  After the popcorn is popped return here and post a comment letting us know if you can still remember it.

My guess is less than 50% will.

My primary concern though is…

…the same I’ve been expressing for months, this is another minor/cosmetic change that does not address any of the fundamental barriers to EAv’s success – low number of new sign-ups, low retention rate of new users, ineffectiveness of missions due to difficulty targeting specific audiences.

I am curious to hear more from Dups & Co as to the motivation behind the rebranding and new direction they are taking Empire Avenue.  Care to speak to that Dups?

What do you think?

  • What do you think of the new Empire Avenue homepage? Is it a step forward or a step back?
  • Can you remember the new slogan without peaking?
  • How’s that popcorn?

via Empire Avenue Tips http://empireav.wordpress.com/2013/05/02/is-empire-avenue-rebranding-again/

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