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EAv Ends Missions to Private Communities, Drives Nail into Own Coffin!

nail in coffinEmpire Avenue just announced in the Empire Avenue General Discussion area that as of today, users will no longer be able to target missions to communities which are private and moderated.

This is a HUGE mistake. I predict unless the decision is reversed, it will undermine EAv’s latest attempt to reinvent itself and hasten EAv’s slide into oblivion.

Dups, EAv’s CEO, explained:

We regret over the past year, we’ve seen abuse of Missions targeted to private communities. These are communities which are moderated and require people to accept your invite to join or are not publicly visible.

Abuse has generally centred around eaves transfers, sometimes for real-world money which is a violation of our terms and conditions. While we hoped that a small number of individuals would not spoil it for the majority, we have decided that we can no longer police the ability to target missions (and in the future other services) to private, moderated communities.

Bye Bye Baby!

I’m all for EAv enforcing its Terms of Service, but this move is essentially throwing out the proverbial baby with the bath water.

Empire Avenue hitched its future to missions. On its About Page it touts missions as one of its main features saying:

Reward and be rewarded for completing tasks relevant to your reputation and networks and increase your value

Set up a task, target it to individuals, by community, by reputation or by network and then reward people for accomplishing the task with virtual currency

Create incredibly high levels of engagement

This move by EAv elimates users’ ability to target missions to a community of people of their choosing.

Dups & Co may argue that users can still target missions to pubic communities, but because anyone can join a public community, that defeats the whole purpose of targeting.

For example, let’s say I own a restaurant in Clearwater, FL and I want to target my missions specifically to people who live in the Clearwater area. Makes sense right? Previously, I could create a private community for Clearwater area residents and target my missions to that community. But now that’s out. Now I can still create a public community for Clearwater residents, but there’s no way to prevent non-residents from joining the community and doing the missions (which would be of little value to me) or even worse for mission thieves to just steal the mission reward.

The biggest reason online marketers have not embraced EAv is because its difficult to target missions to ones target audience. And now EAv has made targeting not just difficult but impossible.

Plea to the E

Empire Avenue team, I implore you to reconsider this decision for the sake of your own survival.

Your Thoughts?

What do you think of this move by EAv to eliminate targeting of missions to private communities?  Do you think it violates EAv’s own mission and will undermine its ability to survive?

You can read the announcement and respond to Dups here.

via Empire Avenue Tips http://empireav.wordpress.com/2013/07/09/eav-ends-missions-to-private-communities-drives-nail-into-own-coffin/

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