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Another chapter on Being BiPolar

September 12, 2012 39 comments

I have not blogged much in the last 6 weeks or so, I have just been too overwhelmed.  Thought I would try to explain!  My social media activity has been so low compared to “normal”.  I just can’t keep the same pace all the time.

The good things happen when I am on my way up from a “down cycle”.  I feel like I was sleep walking, and often was asleep for a long time.  I am just numb, and really cannot control waking up or making myself get ready to do something.  I stopped driving much a while ago.  I just don’t know when I am going to be too tired and lose focus.
Being diabetic seems to complicate things, because highs and lows in blood sugar have serious effects on energy and alertness as well.

I am still in a very tired and sleepy stage, but I feel hopeful that the turn of seasons to Autumn will cause a change to be more energetic again.
Most of the time, I don’t know when or how changes will happen.  I tend to go in cycles of 3 – 3 weeks or 3 months.  I have even had a time where I spent most of 3 years in bed not that long ago.
When I have energy, and am on top of things again.  I feel limitless.  Funny, but this psychotherapist in the video below uses a film called “Limitless” to illustrate Bipolar disorder.  I am going to have to look up this movie, now!



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What does “Quiet” make you think of?

June 28, 2012 4 comments

Is it a lack of sound for you, or a lack of a certain noise?

Is it a feeling of peace and tranquility?

Is it outside or inside?

Are there muted colors, or no color at all?

I am a person with Anxiety, BiPolar Disorder, and more.  Being quiet is more and more important for me as time goes on.

The dog barking, the tv too loud, neighborhood noises, are just some of the things that make me anxious.  Do you have a problem when it isn’t quiet?

Make sure and watch the surprises in the last video below!

Definition from

qui·et  (kwt)

adj. qui·et·erqui·et·est

1. Making little or no noise: quiet neighbors; a quiet engine.
2. Free of loud noise; hushed: a quiet street.
3. Calm and unmoving; still: a quiet lake.
4. Free of turmoil and agitation; untroubled. See Synonyms at still1.
5. Restful; soothing: a quiet afternoon nap; a quiet tune on the flute.
6. Tranquil; serene: a quiet place in the country.
7. Not showy or garish; subdued: a room decorated in quiet colors.
8. Restrained in style; understated: a quiet strength; a quiet life.

The quality or condition of being quiet: “A menacing quiet fills the empty streets” (Time).
v. qui·et·edqui·et·ingqui·ets

1. To cause to become quiet.
2. Law To make (a title) secure by freeing from all questions or challenges.

To become quiet: The child wouldn’t quiet down for me.

Starts Quiet!

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One Lovely Blog Award – Nominations!!

June 23, 2012 7 comments

Mary Helen Ferris surprised me with this lovely award!  Thank you so much!

You can see her google+ info here

Nominating Rules:
* Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post
* Share 7 things about yourself
* Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire
* Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know

Seven things about myself:

1.  I am pretty much adjusted to the idea that I am BiPolar.  I take it in stride, and hide out when I need to.

2.  I love our new online project The 10K Challenge!!  Check it out

3.  I am crazy about all kinds of animals.  My life is so much better because of my dog Buddy, and my cats Mickey and Luna.

4.  My online friends are so important to me.  Thank you all!

5.  I come awake when the sun is out more, in spring and summer.  In the winter, I am like a bear.  They call is SAD.  Seasonal Affective Disorder.

I am thrilled to nominate these blogs and their writers!  I am not sure who would want to do this, so I just chose 7 today.  If you want me to nominate you, let me know!!

Carolyn Hughes

Anita Fiander

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Joanne Greco-Akerman

Helena Ritchie

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Being BiPolar – always having to adjust and scale back

May 3, 2012 16 comments

I have to remember to “take my emotional temperature” and reduce the stress that builds up in my life.  My photo is of a mother with child, but as adults we have to play both roles for ourselves!










Anything can snowball into a bigger more stressful thing.  Volunteering is a wonderful thing to do, but it can get to be way too much.  I just had to resign my co-coordinator volunteer job at this week.  I feel guilty because I have skills, but I can’t handle it all emotionally.  If I could, I would be able to get a real job.

Social media online is where I spend most of my awake time every day.  I have to be careful, and tend to readjust things from time to time there as well.  Right now I am cleaning out my Google Plus circles.  There is only so much room, and I accepted thousands of people that I don’t know.  Now it is time to readjust!

It is so important for me not to get completely overwhelmed.  Bad things happen to me physically and emotionally, and I can be sidelined for months.


Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Day….

April 29, 2012 35 comments

This song was released in 1974.  I have always loved the sound of this song, and the lyrics expressed how I felt many times.  The important image for me is the THIN ICE.  How fragile we often are, and our situations can change in a moment.

Jethro Tull 

Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day

Songwriter: IAN ANDERSON
 Meanwhile back in the year one
When you belonged to no one
You didn’t stand a chance, son
If your pants were undone
Cos you were bred for humanity
And sold to society
One day you’ll wake up in the present day
A million generations removed from expectations
Of being who you really want to be

Skating away, skating away
Skating away on the thin ice of the new day

So, as you push off from the shore
Won’t you turn your head once more
And make your peace with everyone
For those who choose to stay
Will live just one more day
To do the things they should have done
And as you cross the wilderness, spinning in your emptiness
You feel you have to pray
Looking for a sign that the Universal Mind
Has written you into the Passion Play

Skating away, skating away
Skating away on the thin ice of the new day

And as you cross the circle line
Well, the ice-wall creaks behind
You’re a rabbit on the run
And the silver splinters fly
In the corner of your eye
Shining in the setting sun
Well, do you ever get the feeling that the story’s too damn real
And in the present tense
Or that everybody’s on the stage and it seems like you’re the only
Person sitting in the audience

Skating away, skating away
Skating away on the thin ice of the new day
Skating away, skating away, skating away

Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day lyrics © CHRYSALIS MUSIC GROUP

Being BiPolar

March 21, 2012 27 comments










One of the most confusing things for me, with my Bipolar condition is to remember my limitations.  And be ok with them.

Sometimes I am Superwoman!  Sometimes I can do anything!  Maybe an hour later, or a day, or a week, I am greatly limited by emotions and/or physical issues.  I can become emotionally paralyzed.  I can be bedridden for days or weeks or sometimes months.

I have learned to be really careful with commitments.  It is disheartening to have to “quit” or back off after being sure that I can do something.  I cannot predict the future for myself.

I have not been working for years because of my disabilities, but even helping a friend with babysitting, or committing to volunteer activities is tough.

When things do work out and I feel good it is wonderful!

Now that Spring is in the air, when I feel well enough, I take a walk with my husband and my dog.  I have tried to go by myself with my dog, but that doesn’t last more than a day at a time!

More soon on this set of topics.  Lots to discuss!

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