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Getting President Obama on the ballot in your state – he needs your signatures!

January 31, 2012 3 comments










Many people do not know that even a President needs to get petition signatures in each state to be on the ballots for November.

I live in Bucks County, PA.  If you are in our area, you can meet up with us on Friday from 4-7pm for an open house to sign the petitions.

Saturday afternoon we will be at a signing event at the Bensalem Library.

Sunday after service we will be in Bristol at the Norton Ave First Baptist Church to get signatures.

We are working to get signatures before next Tuesday for:

1.  President Barak Obama to be re-elected President

2.  Kathryn Boockvar for Congress

3.  Steve Santarsiero for State Rep

4.  Ann Marie Jordan for Delegate to the Democratic National Convention.  She is the community organizer for President Obama’s re-election in Bucks County.

For those of you in other areas, find the community organizers in your town or city, go to and choose your state to find organizers in your location.

Sally K Witt
Social Media and Ministry


My Mom, fighting to protect the American Dream in Bucks County

August 18, 2011 1 comment

Joan and Bob King, my parents

I am so proud of my parents, who have learned in the last 5 years or so to stand up for their beliefs.  My Mom is helping to coordinate the American Dream in our area.

Here 3 photos from the event today at Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick’s office:





This is an email that my Mom sent out after the event:

Hello Everyone,
My family and I  have just returned from this very successful event – “The  Funeral For The Middle Class” – in the parking lot of Congressman Fitzpatrick’s Office Complex.  The turnout was amazing and we thank all of you who came  out to support us .  We were joined, over 100 strong, with members of MoveOn, PennAction, SEIU, AFL/CIO  and many more groups to March, Sing, and Share Stories of our need for JOBS NOW. 
It was very moving and emotional hearing the heart wrenching stories of everyday Americans who have lost their jobs and  now  no longer have  unemployment benefits.  They have no Health Insurance and no way to get any.  Everyone who had lost their jobs made the point that THEY WANT TO WORK!!!  They are NOT LAZY, as some politicians have stated, and they are doing ALL THEY CAN to find a new job!!
We are all fighting for our very survival and for the survival of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security!!!  Congressman Fitzpatrick was told about this event and invited to attend.  Although he said he would try to come, he did not!!!  It  was important for Congressman Fitzpatrick to hear our message.
We shall not give up the fight!!!  It is very important for ALL OF US to get involved and become  active in these groups.  Last month, during the Debt Ceiling Debacle, we were given a very clear picture of what will happen to the job market, all of our benefits, to our children and grand children’s futures and to the Rights we have always had, if the opposition party gets back into power!!!
I was on a conference call last night, with other MoveOn Restore The American Dream Coordinators from all over the country.  We discussed different ideas to reach out to more members of our communities who would join forces with us, so as to build a strong movement.  We need to be ready early, working  with all of the other like movements, to counter the Tea Party’s Influence on our Politicians.  We need to be sure we elect  those who will stand up for the Middle Class and for the values we all share, not those who stand up only for the RICH and POWERFUL in this country.!
If you believe as we do,  please join with me and Robin, to strengthen our local  network.  Reach out to your friends, neighbors and family to come when we plan these events so they can participate and add their ideas.  This month is dedicated to the Need for JOBS and to Educate
All of the Voters about the TRUE effects the RYAN BILL, which all the REPUBLICANS voted for, will have on our Nation!!!
Again, thank you to all who came out.  We will be in touch with the next events we have scheduled , please try to join us!!!.
Joan King   

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