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What is a “Mission” on Empire Avenue?

November 23, 2011 11 comments

Every once in a while Empire Avenue does something new and exciting. The Shareholder awards through Missions are very motivating and successful.

A person or company on Empire Avenue will use a block of their “eaves” or virtual money to do a campaign, asking for other members to do an activity in order to claim their reward of a certain number of eaves.

Usually the mission is for 500 or 1,000 eaves. I have seen some for 5,000 – but that is rare.

The cash value of eaves is not that relevant, but if you were to buy 6,000 eaves with cash, it would cost $5.00. The reason that it is not that relevant, is the “power players’ earn thousands of eaves every morning from their investments.

The Missions can be almost anything. Here are some examples-

Insider Perks is developing and promoting pages and videos on their website on travel destinations. They do one or two missions a day to get members to view their page, watch the video, and use the buttons to share their page on Twitter, Google+ and more. It is fun to see their videos every day! Their missions are typically for 500 eaves each. Today they are doing a blitz for the holiday and doing many missions, one after the other!!

Dashburst offered 1,000 eaves to each person who viewed and followed them on tumblr.

Chris Pirillo often does 500 eave missions asking us to watch his Locker Gnome Daily report on youtube.

My friend Bob Warren did one today for 500 eaves just to say Happy Thanksgiving!

Don’t be afraid of trying missions, it is fun!

Sally K Witt
Social Media and Ministry

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