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Today in History! March 6

March 6, 2012 21 comments

Here are three interesting things that have happened on this date in our history:

1.  Mar 6, 1475:Michelangelo was born

Because my maternal grandparents are Italian, and my great uncle was a famous Italian artist, I have a great appreciation for the Masters of Italian arts.

In 1964 my parents took us to the World’s Fair in New York.  The Vatican had a pavilion and brought the Pieta so that the world could see it.  It was awe inspiring, even for the children.  We were taken by it on a moving platform.


2.  March 6, 1899 – Bayer patents aspirin

Bayer did not invent aspirin.  It was an old folk remedy make from the bark of willow trees.   A French chemist  Charles Frederic Gerhardt made the discovery  in 1853.  Bayer patented aspirin, manufacturing it with a cross imprinted in the tablets.  It was only sold by pharmacies or given by doctors at that time.  The cross was the only way that people knew that it was Bayer aspirin.

They lost the US patent during World War I because the American government seized the assets of the Bayer company, and the word became “generic” for all similar products.  Bayer still has the patent for aspirin in most of the other countries of the world with the exceptions of the US and Great Britain.

3.  March 6, 1947 – Rob Reiner is born

Rob Reiner is child of Hollywood, and now a King of Hollywood!  He has had almost every great job in the industry.  Well known and winning awards for acting in “All in the Family”, writer, producer, director, and more.

Some of the movies I love that he has directed are – “Stand by Me”, “The Princess Bride”, “When Harry Met Sally”, “The American President”,  and “Alex and Emma”.

Rob Reiner is an American Hollywood Treasure!













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